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David MacLeod
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dear Supporters of Warner,

There are 3 days left, to use the promo code LIFTOFF, to double a smaller donation. I would really like to get this kiln for our school- could you help? Even a $15 donation will double to $30, if promo code is typed in. 

I want to make sure my students have everything they need to succeed, so I created a classroom project request. Check it out here: 

Electric Kiln 

Even better, is matching donations (of up to $50) to my project. Just enter the code LIFTOFF at checkout, and your gift will go twice as far. This special code is only available for a few days. 

My students and I would be so appreciative of your support. Every little bit helps! In return, you’ll get awesome photos of your gift in action and our heartfelt gratitude. 

Thanks for taking a look, 

Cindy Triplett