Warner Unified School District

Indian Advisory Committee


Tuesday October 2nd 2018

@ 4:00 pm

Teachers’ Lounge

  1. Call to Order - 4:05pm
  2. Roll Call –

Candi Osuna – Native Pride Club Advisor

Nichole Denmark – IAC Vice President

Andrea Weischedel – Sy Youth Program Director

Gina Norte – IAC Secretary

PJ Stoneburner – Parent

Dave MacLeod – Superintendent

  1. Communication – Facebook Page idea discussed, bio and pic reminder for IAC Board members to be submitted for school website.
    1. Overview of Native Pride& Title 6 Funds – Candy Osuna named Native Pride Advisor by default, only applicant, IAC congratulates and wishes her a successful year backed by our our support.

Request by board for Andrea to be present at Nov. meeting to answer questions on budget. Board requests Gabby Osuna ( Title 7 supplemented instructional aide) at Nov. meeting to give a report on student progress.

  1. Update on ribbon cutting / concrete project – Ribbon Cutting scheduled for November 14th, music starting at 11:30, ceremony to begin at 12. Discussion on ceremony schedule. Payment for Deans band possibly by school, (Dave to check with Andrea). IAC gift presentation to Byron and Chris Klemanske agreed upon as Pendelton Blanket ($200 drawn down request for purchase to Andrea) to be picked up by Gina Norte. Drone picture and live feed by Andrew Pittman, Gina Norte calling to confirm. Bird singer’s needed for end of ceremony performance, Gina to ask nephews (Wayne Nelsons Group), will confirm, other ideas needs for singers. Dave to contact media outlets and have agenda typed. Ed Norte to contact MG tribal Chair.
  2. Tentative Ceremony Schedule

11:30am – 12:00 - Natural Selection

12:00 – Ceremony begins –

  • Dave to open ceremony speak on behalf of School then introduce Byron & Chris
  • Byron to speak on behalf of project in its totality, inception, inspiration, etc. Byron to introduce IAC Board, Gina Norte, secretary.
  • Gina to present on behalf of IAC, start introduction of tribes, Ed Norte, Los Coyotes Executive Council.
  • Ed Norte to speak on behalf of LC, introduce Santa Ysabel Tribal representative, TBD
  • Sy Tribal rep to present on behalf of tribe, introduce Mesa Grande Tribal rep.
  • Mesa Grande Tribal rep, TBD, to speak on behalf of tribe.
  • Gene Doxey to speak on behalf of community, introduce Student class president Ethan Rombal.
  • Ethan Rombol to speak on behalf of students., re-introduce Dave.
  • Dave to invite stakeholders up to cut ribbon.
  • Birdsingers to sing during cake/cookie time.
  1. Overview of 2017 - 2018 Native Pride Fundraisers, what was profit/loss and frequency – Tabled to Nov. meeting
  2. Scholarship funds for 2019 Graduates – Application requirements to be discussed at Nov. meeting.
  1. Native Pride Mission Statement – Generate ideas for statement at Nov. meeting
  2. Plan Speaker Series – Andrea Weischedel, AWeischedel@iipaynation-nsn.gov to plan.

Email idea suggestions. To be done on Wednesdays, 4th period, 11am, 45-minute periods.

  1. Success Story candidate nominations – Generating ideas, continued discussion at Nov. meeting.
  2. Overview Native Pride Daily/Weekly meetings – Once a month fundraiser and speakers and events to be scheduled. Candi Osuna Native Pride Club Advisor.
  3. Request for upcoming events – November 16th Native Pride Day
  4. Overview of School Calendar - How Native Pride will be incorporated
  5. Schedule of Events November 14, 2018 – See update of Concrete project
  6. Motion to approve entertainment – Natural Selection approved
  1. Action Items – A lot of discussion on vaping issue, ideas discussed for ways to mitigate. IHC mentioned as a possible partner on this issue. Discussion on ways to bridge gap between native parents and administration relationship. Possibility of Dave addressing tribes, ideas on how to do that. Also suggestion of referral to IAC.
  1. Adjournment