Q - Who can attend our Preschool?

A - Anyone; You're not subjected to district lines.

Q - When is minimum day and what time does school get out?

A - Every Wednesday at 1 pm from Sept. 6 through May 30th.

Q - Do you offer before and after school programs?

A - Yes, we offer an early drop off at 6:30 am in the cafeteria. Younger students can play games and read. Older students can have homework and study tutorials. We offer many after school programs. 

Q - I would like to volunteer. What do I need to become a volunteer.

A - There are two levels of volunteers. Level 1 is where you are helping in the classroom and around the school. This requires that you come in with a Tuberculosis (TB) test. You can get them at most health clinics for around $10. You then just need to come in and fill out our volunteer paperwork and meet the staff. Level 2 is where you are allowed to be alone with the students. This is much more involved as it involves a background check and fingerprinting.

Q - How do I know what days my students have off?

A - Please see our school calendar. 

Q - If I have a complaint, issue or a suggestion what do I?

A - You can email, call, or visit the superintendent. Just stop by the office and ask for Dave, or dial 760-782-3517, or email david.macleod@warnerusd.net.

Q - How do I enroll in the National school lunch program for free and reduced price meals?

A - Just fill out the form and bring it to the district office.

Q - How do I know when the bus comes to pick up my kids?

A - Please see the Transportation page.