Preschool give students the opportunity to explore create and engage in the love of learning.

Children in every sense are our future. Our preschool in Warner Springs is built to inspire and develop future leaders. We try each and every day to inspire wonder and thought not through repetition but through curiosity play and experimentation We believe the children do not care what you know until they know that you care about them so each Day starts with developing a caring relationship with your child.

Loving Connection

Is a comprehensive and integrated bilingual early learning program. It is designed to ensure success for today's three and four-year-old learners through the latest research and enter active learning philosophies.
Through an easy-going structure our teachers work to inspire the children to write their first and last name count to 100 and the fundamentals of reading. And every way we prepare these little learners for the vigors of life. By showing a proper example and through creative inspiration every direction we focus on preparing them for a full day of kindergarten!

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