The Indian Advisory Committee was established to advise the Warner Unified School District on its use of Title VI Indian funds. Committee members are a reflection of the Native communities surrounding the district including Los Coyotes, Mesa Grande, and Santa Ysabel.


The committee oversees the Native student support team at Warner including the Native Liaison and Native Pride Club Advisor. The Native Liaison works closely with students on campus and helps monitor the grades and attendance of Native students. The Native Pride Club Advisor meets with club members weekly to discuss and plan club activities including fundraisers, community events, and cultural activities.


Some key goals the committee has for the school include reducing chronic absenteeism, increasing academic achievement, strengthening college and career readiness, and spreading cultural awareness.


Stakeholders--including parents/guardians, school staff members, and tribal community members--are encouraged to participate in the IAC meetings. These meetings are a great way to provide feedback and to get information on how the Native students are progressing at Warner.


IAC Meetings are held on the first Tuesday every month via Zoom. If you are interested in attending these meetings, please reach out to the district office at (760) 782-3517.


Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.

~ Sitting Bull, 1876


Ponciano Castellano
Los Coyotes

Shannon Stein
Los Coyotes
Vice President

Mario Castellano
Los Coyotes

Native Support Staff

Gabbie Osuna
Santa Ysabel
Native Liaison

Vanessa Vargas
Santa Ysabel
Native Pride Club Advisor