My name is Ramon Leyba and I will be your Interim Superintendent/Principal until the end of the school year! Ms. Andrea Sissons will be the new Superintendent/CBO effective July 1, 2023.

I was raised in a farming community in Litchfield Park, Arizona, Camp 52, a farm laborers camp. In elementary school, I interacted either with other camp kids or the sons and daughters of local ranchers. From that rural setting, my family moved to San Diego, California, and ended up in the Shelltown barrio in Southeast San Diego. It was a jarring move, to say the least. I attended the neighborhood elementary school and after a year my parents moved us to the local Catholic parochial school. I attended St. Augustine High School. I earned my BA in History at the University of San Diego (USD) and my MA in Cross-Cultural Education at San Diego State University (SDSU). I also completed 21 units in the doctoral program at Northern Arizona University (NAU). I hold a Single Subject Credential in Social Sciences, a Bilingual Cross-Cultural Specialist credential, and Administrative Services credential, all completed at SDSU. I am retired from the Sweetwater Union High School District, a secondary school district, grades 7-12. During my career, I have held almost every position possible with the exception of the CFO. I have been a bilingual classroom teacher, teacher trainer, program manager, Assistant Principal at middle school and high school, and Principal at middle school and high school. As Assistant Superintendent I have not only had responsibility for Teaching and Learning departments but also Facilities and Operations, including Construction. I have also supervised Principals. Most recently I have taught teacher interns through National University, served as an Expert Witness on behalf of school districts, completed 2 1/2 months as Interim Superintendent/Principal in the Julian Union High School District and 2 months as Interim Superintendent/Principal in the Vallecitos Elementary District In my career, through all the positions I have held, my guiding principle has always been, “What is best for my students?”

I look forward to a great experience here at the Warner Unified School District and look forward to meeting each and every one of you!