Preschool to 4th grade were able to enjoy a visit from the local fire station. They were able to tour the ambulance as well as the fire truck. Students got to try out the hose, try on the equipment.
over 4 years ago, David MacLeod
Firetruck tour
Birch Aquarium came by our school to visit. They got to learn about sea snails, hermit crabs, shore crabs, sea anemones and sea stars. Students had a great time learning about these sea creatures.
over 4 years ago, David MacLeod
Sea creatures
In Ms Truong's class, students worked in teams to build different structures in these STEM activities. These activities connect students to real world situations in a fun way!
over 4 years ago, David MacLeod
Working together
Marshmallow Structures
Gearing up to take on the second semester.
over 4 years ago, Patrick Humphrey